SSK Industries, Inc. was formed in 1983 by Steve Stewart, Cliff Schmucker, and Jerry Kautz. Its purpose was to continue the production, manufacture, and innovation of the popular "Sweethog" harness and container parachute system, separate from the dropzone business located at Waynesville Airport in Southwestern Ohio. In 1987, SSK introduced the first "Extra Narrow" harness/container system, targeted for the needs, safety, and comfort of smaller-framed skydivers.

In 1991, SSK became the U.S. Service Center for the German-produced CYPRES AAD (Automatic Activation Device) manufactured by Airtec, and is now responsible for the maintenance and support of 75,000+ CYPRES units located in the Western Hemisphere. In 1997 SSK relocated to the present facility in Lebanon, Ohio.

SSK is a member of the Parachute Industry Association and has been actively involved for over 20 years. Cliff Schmucker served as president of PIA for nearly 20 years.

Although SSK no longer actively manufactures the Sweethog, many of the design innovations introduced by SSK live on in equipment produced by other companies.

In 2003 SSK Military Industries, Inc. was formed to handle sales, service and support to the U.S. Military.

Today, SSK designs, manufactures, services and integrates advanced technology parachute systems and equipment. In addition to sales, service and support of the CYPRES, SSK provides sales, service and support for the Military Altitrack altimeter, manufactured by Larsen & Brusgaard. SSK also manufactures a motorized frame that utilizes virtual reality software as a parachute simulation training tool for the military. The newest product launched by SSK is ParaTrack, which is a GPS based guidance system for military special operations jumpers.