MILITARY CYPRES Service Bulletin C2 0113 NOTES - Updated Feb 20, 2013


Note: this document will be updated on a regular basis as needed.


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1)      Some of the questions & answers in the Service Bulletin FAQ located at: are specific to and apply only to the civilian CYPRES models (Expert, etc.), specifically:  2) c) and   3)


For Military CYPRES:


a)      Ref FAQ 2) c): Calculate the DOM from the next maintenance due date by accessing the unit information, ref. section 4.5 (page 26) of the MIL CYPRES User’s Guide (for a non-updated MIL CYPRES refer to the 2012 MIL CYPRES 2 User's Guide – for a 01-2013 updated MIL CYPRES refer to the 2013 MIL CYPRES 2 User's Guide


b)      Ref FAQ 3): Updated Military units now have a means to access the version number, ref. section 4.5 (page 26) of the 2013 MIL CYPRES 2 User's Guide



2)      Additional recommendations for all models CYPRES used in a Military Environment (including Civilian CYPRES, and MIL CYPRES in Training and Operational Modes) that are affected by SB C2-0113:


a)      If CYPRES is switched on just before gear-up, the SB button click test is NOT required.


b)      If CYPRES remains on after a previous jump, perform the Service Bulletin button click test during gear-up or Jumpmaster Inspection.


c)      There is no time limit after gear up (outside of taking into account the 14-hour automatic switch-off on all CYPRES models and possible need for setting update due WX change for MIL CYPRES used in Operational Mode).


d)      If it is desired to have a single simple procedure that can be applied to any Military or Civilian CYPRES (CYPRES(1) or CYPRES-2), affected by Service Bulletin or not, simply add the Service Bulletin button click test to the Jumpmaster Inspection, regardless if unit was recently switched on or not.