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Military CYPRES 2
CYPRES 2 Military Catalog
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Military CYPRES Quick Handling Guide
CYPRES 2 User Guides
Military CYPRES 2 User's Guide
(Civilian) CYPRES 2 User's Guide
CYPRES 2 Aircrew User's Guide
CYPRES 2 Smoke-Jumper User's Guide
LB Altimeters
LB Military Product Guide
LB Civilian Product Guide
ALFA Quick Start Guide  rev1.15
ALFA Manual  rev1.15
ECHO Quick Start Guide  rev1.05
ECHO Manual  rev1.05
Military Altitrack Quick Start Guide v13-1
Military Altitrack and AltiSet Instruction Manual v12-1

Navigation System
ParaTrack Datasheet - GPS Navigation device
X-Shut SPIDER Datasheet - Attachment System

PARASIM (Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator)
PARASIM - Premeditated Training
PARASIM - MHSF FreeFall (Motorized Horizontal Start Frame)
PARASIM - Aircrew Emergency Training
PARASIM - Network (Group Operations)
PARASIM - What's New Ver. 6
SSK Industries, Inc. is an Aurthorized Dealer of PARASIM® systems and services.
For more information on PARASIM®, go to
PARASIM® is a Registered Trademark of Systems Technology, Inc.
SSK Industries, Inc. is the manufacturer of hardware for PARASIM® including the Motorized Horizontal Start Frame (MHSF), Riser Force Sensors, and the Ripcord Optical Sensor.
CYPRES Cutter Codes -- Check your Cutter Date of Manufacture to determine maintenance & lifetime.
Service Bulletins:
CYPRES 2 Service Bulletin - January 2013 -- Important: please check your CYPRES 2 date of manufacture before next use!
Note: BOTH Military and Civilian CYPRES-2 units in the specified date range are affected.
     - CYPRES 2 Service Bulletin Addendum - May 2014 -- Addendum to Jan. 2013 SB
     - CYPRES 2 Service Bulletin FAQ -- Answers to common Questions about the Service Bulletin (portions only apply to Civilian CYPRES models)
     - Service Bulletin FAQ MIL-CYPRES-Specific notes -- Additional information about Military CYPRES units and the Service Bulletin

CYPRES 2 Service Bulletin - April 2008 -- Important: please check your Civilian CYPRES 2 S/N before next jump!
Note: Military CYPRES units are NOT affected.

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