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Military CYPRES 2
CYPRES 2 Military Catalog
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Military CYPRES Quick Handling Guide
CYPRES 2 User Guides
Military CYPRES 2 User's Guide   Jan. 2018 revision 
(Civilian) CYPRES 2 User's Guide   Jan. 2017 revision
CYPRES 2 Aircrew User's Guide   Oct. 2013 revision
CYPRES 2 Smoke-Jumper User's Guide   Oct. 2013 revision
LB Altimeters
LB Military Product Guide - 2017
LB Civilian Product Guide - 2017
ALFA Quick Start Guide  rev1.15
ALFA Manual  rev1.15
ECHO Quick Start Guide  rev1.05
ECHO Manual  rev1.05
Military Altitrack Quick Start Guide v13-1
Military Altitrack and AltiSet Instruction Manual v12-1

Navigation System
ParaTrack Datasheet - GPS Navigation device
X-Shut SPIDER Datasheet - Attachment System

PARASIM (Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator)
PARASIM - Premeditated Training
PARASIM - MHSF FreeFall (Motorized Horizontal Start Frame)
PARASIM - Aircrew Emergency Training
PARASIM - Network (Group Operations)
PARASIM - What's New Ver. 6
SSK Industries, Inc. is an Aurthorized Dealer of PARASIM® systems and services.
For more information on PARASIM®, go to
PARASIM® is a Registered Trademark of Systems Technology, Inc.
SSK Industries, Inc. is the manufacturer of hardware for PARASIM® including the Motorized Horizontal Start Frame (MHSF), Riser Force Sensors, and the Ripcord Optical Sensor.
CYPRES Cutter Codes -- Check your Cutter Date of Manufacture to determine maintenance & lifetime.
Service Bulletins:
CYPRES 2 Service Bulletin - January 2013 -- Important: please check your CYPRES 2 date of manufacture before next use!
Note: BOTH Military and Civilian CYPRES-2 units in the specified date range are affected.
     - CYPRES 2 Service Bulletin Addendum - May 2014 -- Addendum to Jan. 2013 SB
     - CYPRES 2 Service Bulletin FAQ -- Answers to common Questions about the Service Bulletin (portions only apply to Civilian CYPRES models)
     - Service Bulletin FAQ MIL-CYPRES-Specific notes -- Additional information about Military CYPRES units and the Service Bulletin

CYPRES 2 Service Bulletin - April 2008 -- Important: please check your Civilian CYPRES 2 S/N before next jump!
Note: Military CYPRES units are NOT affected.

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